Free Storage Solutions

I’ve been using these brilliant free fruit crates from local fruit and veg stores. They normally just throw them away, so if you ask nicely they’ll give you them for free!!!! I’ve been using one to store my ‘quick-access’ craft supplies but as you can see from my last post, the crate really wasn’t big enough!!!

(It’s the green crate – I spray painted it!!!)
Anyway, I got this new one today whilst walking home from the butchers – I’m cooking Sunday lunchtime tomorrow…

I had a bit of a think about how to customise it, and decided on some more Neon!!! (I’m a tiny bit obsessed!!!) I also wanted a bit of a geometric style, so decided on a triangle/chevron effect.
I used end this great duck tape I bought awhile ago, and found the middle of the bottom edge, and taped from the upper corner to the middle. Make sure the edges are pressed down well otherwise paint seeps under.

Then I painted the box with this awesome fluorescent paint I got for another project.


It’s important to focus on the edges of the tape so you get a crisp line.
Once painted peel off the tape before it dries fully, again I think this gives a crisper line.

I then painted the sides in the fluro green and then it was done!!!


I’m much happier with this crate, it stores everything much more neatly and keeps all my craft stuff under control!!!
I also added a way to store my ever growing washi-tape collection, using a tube I got from the middle of a roll of cling-film…basic I know but it does the job great!!!

Hope this inspires you to get creative with your storage…it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!!!


Ikea Love!!!

Man I love Ikea…I could spend all day and ALL my money there!!
We have one locally, it’s not that easy to get to now I have got rid of my car and honestly, this is a good thing – or at-least my bank manager thinks so!!!
I went today, and bought a few good pieces…I’m most pleased with these trays/baskets, that I got!!!

I’ve been HATING these baskets I have in my Expidit unit I have as an ‘Island’/unit in my kitchen…the baskets are not ‘me’, impractical and don’t hold my herb and spices properly!

It was driving me CRAZY how the sides aren’t straight and the spices don’t sit flat and straight!!! Anyway, these new baskets TOTALLY fixed the problem!!!

Loving them!!! And only £5 each!!! Yay!!!! Thinking about personalising them somehow, perhaps Washi Tape?
You can see the range here
Have you ever made it out of Ikea without a single purchase??? What’s your biggest temptation?

So, I have a little obsession!!!

For about a 6 months I’ve been developing a serious obsession with all oriental food!!! Such as Chinese, Japanese and Thai food!!! So far I have mastered dumplings, spring rolls, Thai green chicken curry and now I’ve been making Chicken Noodle Soup. I’ve had a few people ask me for the recipe so I thought I’d share it here!!! I started with this recipe as a base and kinda added to it myself.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Stock pot or Stock Cube and enough water as instructed on packet
Udon Noodles – pre cooked
Chinese 5 spice
Chilli flakes or a fresh chilli
Fresh ginger, about the size of your thumb
Spring onion
Chicken breast
Selection of veg
Like 1 carrot, courgette, some mushrooms, some bean sprouts
Soy sauce
Sesame oil to serve

This is a quick meal to prepare so gather all the ingredients and prepare the vegetables. I usually use a peeler to very thinly slice my carrots and courgettes. Finley slice the mushrooms, spring onions. (Save the spring onion tops to garnish)

In a saucepan add the required water and stock pot to make a stock. Add in chopped spring onion, ½ teaspoon of 5 spice, ¼-½ teaspoon of chilli flakes or maybe ½ a fresh chilli depending on how much spice you like.
Peel the ginger, the best way I have found is to use a spoon and scrape the skin. It's fast and easy and means you use the whole ginger.

Cut this into large chunks and add to the saucepan. Turn up the heat and bring to the boil. Peel a garlic clove, smash but don't crush and put into the saucepan.

(Sorry for the bad picture)
Add the chicken breast to the pan, out the lid on and simmer until cooked.
However, I normally get a bit bored, so take it out, slice it up, add it back to the pot with all the veg, if it needs more water, add this now. Add noodles
Add soy sauce to taste.
Remove chunks of ginger and garlic pieces.
Then, once chicken is cooked, remove from the heat, pour into a bowl, drizzle over a little sesame oil.
Sprinkle over a little of the finely chopped spring onion tops and SERVE!!!


Now I have a YELLOW sofa!!!

So, I very kindly got given this great sofa from one of the couples in the development I live in…it’s awesome, but, I thought it could be improved…maybe a little more ‘me’?!?


So…what to do…I was totally loving these sofas from Pintrest/Blogland,




A-Fabric is CRAZY expensive,
B-Do I really have time/space to upholster a sofa
C-Maybe dye could do a good enough job…inspired by this post
D-This sofa has removable, cotton covers….

So, I decided, Dye it was, much cheaper and I hadn’t cost me more than about £8!!!
I bought this dye through Amazon, I got 2 boxes cause I thought it might be too much fabric for 1 box to handle.


The instructions say that 2kg of fabric requires 4 boxes, and perhaps I should have had a 3rd box, but 4 really wouldn’t have been necessary!!!

Anyway, you basically chuck it all in the washing machine, with 500g of salt and WAIT!!! This was a terrifying moment!!! Once it’s gone through once you then put it through with detergent, take it out and then put the machine on again empty to ensure it’s clean!!!


But, it all came out GREAT!!! Really pleased with how it came out…


I did have to iron it, (my arms nearly dropped off doing it) but I think it was worth the £8, and 4 washes in the machine!!!! What do you think???

Quick DIY Dresser Update

So, I have this BEAUTIFUL dresser, that I LOVE, I’ve had it for about 6 years, bought it from some people who were moving to Canada. When they asked me if I wanted it I NEVER thought I could afford it, and guess what, they only wanted £25!!! So I SNAPPED it up!!!

This morning the bottom cupboard doors looked like this…


I kinda thought they needed a re-fresh, (the grand plan is to paint the whole thing, but in a studio apartment that’s NOT an option right now!!!)

I got this AWESOME Drawer Liner which is basically Sticky-Backed-Plastic from Tiger!!! It is AWESOME!!! All I did was cut it almost to size, then stick a corner down, kept it straight down one side , then crease it into the other edge, run a craft knife down to it it precisely and you’re DONE!!!

Now I’ve done this however, I’m kinda thinking I need to do the inside of the dresser? Down the back? I think it’ll really make a statement, but the HASSLE is gonna be EPIC!!! Might leave it for a weekend project!!! What projects are you putting off???

Saturdays are made for…

…wondering round markets!!!
This Saturday my 2 besties and I decided to take advantage of the GLORIOUS sunshine and head to Columbia Rd and Spitalfields Market!!!


The trees are in blossom round here which is soo nice to finally see!!!
Columbia Rd is more famous for its Sunday flower market, but it has a great selection of independent shops which are full of beautiful things!!!


This door really caught my eye…so unloved I thought I’d grab a picture of it!!!


We headed down Brick Lane and caught these AWESOME singers rocking out!!! Wish I’d got their name so I could find them again!!!


And then, the whole point of the day was to end up at Old Spitalfields Market, to see my favourite baker, who I call Mr.Flavourtown…check out his website for THE BEST cupcakes you will have ever ever eaten!!!
We went home totally exhausted but laden with Cupcakes!!!