Making marmalade!!!

Ages and ages ago, my dad mentioned how much he liked homemade marmalade…and so I jotted this down in my phone under Christmas Present Ideas, and left it there for much later in the year…then, when Christmas came around I decided I would make said marmalade as an extra gift!!! My granny makes marmalade alot, […]

Christmas Wreath 

     My lovely friend Ruth did some work for this lovely magazine and I was totally inspired by the cover image to make a lovely wreath for my for door…I made it into a little tutorial although I made it up as I went along  You will need  Cardboard  Felt – different colors – I […]

Makeup Brush Cleaning

So, I appear to have been away from this blog for over a year, but I’ve felt the need for a creative outlet and thought I would come back here before trying something else. I have a thought percolating in the background but it’s not fully formed yet!!! For now… Let’s see where this goes…  […]

Customised Necklace

It was my birthday back in May, and my lovely friend Pippa said she’d treat me to something special, but didn’t know what…and then I got an exciting text saying to be free this Saturday, and that I needed to wear a dress and heels…well, I was pretty excited!!!! So, I headed to town this […]

Easter Lunch

My mum was away over Easter, so I took it upon myself to do the cooking…although I fancied something different and have ALWAYS wanted an excuse to cook this lovely lamb dish from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. It uses breast of lamb (which I have discovered is quite difficult to get, but is pretty cheap), I used […]