Making marmalade!!!

Ages and ages ago, my dad mentioned how much he liked homemade marmalade…and so I jotted this down in my phone under Christmas Present Ideas, and left it there for much later in the year…then, when Christmas came around I decided I would make said marmalade as an extra gift!!! My granny makes marmalade alot, and i know she uses the product below to do it…it’s a bit of a cheat…so I thought I would give it a go…

You will need 

Marmalade oranges (I bought mine on Amazon

1.8kg of sugar 


Various jars, I just kept collecting them over a few months as I knew I’d be making this 

Wax discs ( I used these

A huge pot

An oven 


1. Clean all your jars and lids. This, whilst boring is essential!!!

2. Turn upside down on a clean tray, and put in the oven (I followed this tutorial) 

 3. Follow the instructions on the tin of oranges…open tin,  

  measure out insane amounts of sugar,  

  put this and the water in the giant pan,     


 Heat, stirring constantly, bring to the boil, then turn it down a bit, but keep it boiling, wait till it looks something like this …

4. Wait for it to cool a little, then place/pour/dump into jars which should still be warm  – this was kinda tricky with boiling hot sugary marmalade but I managed to avoid getting burned!!!   

  5. Place a wax disc, shiny side down into the surface of each jar, this helps seal the marmalade and helps avoid mould getting in.  

6. Put the lids on whilst still hot, this will, once cold, hopefully create a vacuum and suck the little pop button on the top down!!! 
7. Add labels and then cut out squares or circles of fabric, place on top and secure with rubber bands. 

 This comes with a small health warning – these jars, when grouped together and carried home on the train will feel like you’re carrying 10kg weights around!!! My arms have grown an inch I think!!! 



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