Christmas Wreath 


My lovely friend Ruth did some work for this lovely magazine and I was totally inspired by the cover image to make a lovely wreath for my for door…I made it into a little tutorial although I made it up as I went along 

You will need 

  • Cardboard 
  • Felt – different colors – I used white, red and 2 shades of green 
  • Hot glue gun (or pva would work)
  • Fabric marker pen 
  • Thin card 
  • Scissors 
  • Ribbon or ric-rak 

 1 – First take the cardboard, draw round something round, and then something smaller inside…I used this pretty awesome circle cutter I’ve had for years…it doesn’t get much use but it’s very helpful when I need it!!! Cut out so you have a ring. 

2 – Take some card and cut out 2 leaf styles…mine aren’t that different but I think it added some texture….


3 – Take the felt and draw round the leaf shapes over and over again, then cut them out.I made 22 dark green and 8 lighter green.  
4 – Next cut out some tiny little red circles for the berries. 

5 – Next take some white felt,draw round ½ the ring, cut it out, and glue it on to cover around half the ring.

6 – Work out an arrangement you’re happy with, I tried to alternate the leaves, ensuring I was covering the remainder of the ring. Once your happy take them off, and then glue in place. Then glue the berries in place. 


7 – Glue on optional extras, I had some cute little snowflake type buttons so I glued them in place. 

8 – Then cut your ribbon or ric-rak, and glue it to the back.

9 – Then hang it in place. I used drawing pins into the top of the door.

TA DA!!! What do you think? I do like it…although I think I should have made it slightly bigger??? Anyway, I’d love to know what you are making for Christmas!!!! Let me know in the comments below!!! 


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