Makeup Brush Cleaning

So, I appear to have been away from this blog for over a year, but I’ve felt the need for a creative outlet and thought I would come back here before trying something else. I have a thought percolating in the background but it’s not fully formed yet!!! For now… Let’s see where this goes… 

Today I thought I would share my routine for cleaning my makeup brushes, they haven’t been done for months (I know, I know!!!) so it was definitely needed!!! 

This was the state of my brushes before I got started!!! ( My brushes are a random mix of Sephora, Real Techniques and Lancôme, a mix of real hair and synthetic) 

I used this brilliant product from Sephora which is designed specifically for cleaning brushes and will condition the brushes too. 

It’s super easy to use, simply run the brush under water

Then you swirl it onto the soap block.

Then you use the silicon dimpled pad, which helps generate foaming action.

Loads of old makeup comes off, it’s kinda scary , but oh, so, satisfying watching it all wash away down the sink. I had to repeat this quite a few times with some of my brushes!!! 🙈

Look, all shiny and new!!!

Ta da!!!  Love it!!! Can’t wait to do my makeup tomorrow once they have dried!!! The whole process probably took me around 5-10mins. If you want the Sephora cleaning block you can pick it up here but you will have to pay international shipping. Surely Sephora have to open a UK store soon!!! I think this is the most similar I can find in the UK.


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