Life in the last few weeks…

So I haven’t blogged much cause I’ve been so busy…so I thought I’d post a few things I’ve been up to…here goes…

Saturday in Notting Hill


I met one of my oldest friends, Naomi and we spent the afternoon wondering down Portobello Market, and made our way to Pizza East, man it was EPIC!!! You NEED to go!!!





We chose a few things of the menu, I was going to take more photos but it was all so delicious we just dived right in!!! Along with the Pizza we had meatballs and a massive plate of roasted polenta, cauliflower, broccoli and chilli!!! I’ve made the polenta dish since and it’s delicious!!!
We also bought hats!!! There were loads being sold, and so we jumped in and got a deal on 2, what do you think?!?

It was such a fun day!!!

My niece was born!!!


This is Isabella Grace, she arrived quickly and safely and is gorgeous, I’m heading out to meet her in 2 weeks!!! Yay!!!

Weekends away!!! (yes 2!!!)

I had one very calm and restful 24 hours away with my lovely friend Hannah, although I didn’t take many photos it was beautiful…we went for a walk round a boating lake!!! So chilled and peaceful!!!


Then, the week after I went to Brighton, and again had a great time, I walked 10km in 1 day!!!




I stayed with my lovely friends Anna and David, and their beautiful girls…it was so fun, except for the CRAZY weather!!!
Anna and I went to dinner at Moshimo, it was ALL delicious and it was so fun!!!
I went to coffee with some other friends and had THE BEST EVER Caramel shortbread!!! So so so delicious!!!
And on Sunday morning I made this apple tart with Esther and she did so good!!! She’s a great little chef and just loves learning how to cook!!! She Laid out almost all of these apples!!!

Well, i will try hard to keep on top of my blogging and will get back to being creative and cooking more now things seem to have calmed down a bit!!!


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