Customised Necklace

It was my birthday back in May, and my lovely friend Pippa said she’d treat me to something special, but didn’t know what…and then I got an exciting text saying to be free this Saturday, and that I needed to wear a dress and heels…well, I was pretty excited!!!!
So, I headed to town this morning, and after trying on MANY different outfits, chose a skirt/top combo…

And I wanted something to add a bit of bling…so I got the above necklace in River Island, for a £6, down from £18 in the sale!!! It was kinda long and it had no gold in it, and as I wanted to use my gold leather handbag I recently made.
So, anyway, back to the necklace…

It had this black backing which was kinda sewn on with invisible thread, so 1st job was to cut this off…

Once I cut it off, I used the the pieces as a template and cut the same shapes out in gold leather.

Then, using my hot glue gun, I glued the back of each piece and stuck the leather on, then trimmed it down where needed.

I thought the front of the necklace needed some gold too, so using some gold nail varnish I have I painted some of the stones.


And that was it, took maybe 20 mins and I was really happy with the outcome!!!



The necklace in action!!!
Oh and what was the surprise? An amazing afternoon tea at Sketch in Mayfair!!! More on that to follow!!!


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