Today I covered a lampshade!!!!


So, the last weeks have been all kinds’a crazy, I was in Cancùn for 10 days, then came back to an exam a week later, then 2 crochet lessons and a presentation at a conference, leaving little or no time for creativity…
However, I finally got back to creating, and from my beautiful new desk!!!

(I got my desk from a lovely neighbour who was selling it cheap (£30!!!))
Anyway, back to the lampshade, I got it super cheap, £1.75 from Tesco’s, I’ve been meaning to update my bedside lamp, but haven’t found the right thing, at the right time, but this seemed great!!!

(Old on the left, new on the right) The old one was all cracked and tatty.
Anyway, the new one was crying out for some colour, having tried out a few options, I went for this fabric…

So, I then just made up how to covered it…

You will need…
Hot glue gun
Fabric pen
Fabric spray adhesive

1- Iron fabric.
2- Lay fabric out, and draw round the edges as you roll the lampshade across the surface. Then cut out.
3- Use the spray adhesive to coat the lampshade quickly in a light coating, and then put the fabric on.

4- Heat up the hot glue gun, whilst waiting, trim the edges of the fabric, they need to be long enough to wrap over the edges and not long enough to be seen once wrapped over and lit up.
5- When glue gun is hot, put some on the edge of the the rim and then wrap over the fabric, trying to avoid burning your fingers…


6-seal the seam up by fooling the raw edge in, and then glue this flat too…

7- You’re done!!!




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