Easter Lunch

My mum was away over Easter, so I took it upon myself to do the cooking…although I fancied something different and have ALWAYS wanted an excuse to cook this lovely lamb dish from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. It uses breast of lamb (which I have discovered is quite difficult to get, but is pretty cheap), I used 2 and it came to around £7, which easily fed 4 and could do 6.

The stuffing is easy to make, and is spread on the trimmed down lamb.

Then it's rolled (this was a bit tricky, as it meant a bit of stuffing fell out)

Once it was rolled, you then tie it with string…and roast it…fairly easy really!!!

And it came out pretty good, although we were kinda late eating so it was a bit tougher then perhaps it should have been..but it should have had another 30mins in the oven!!!

I also decided to do a nice table lay-out…I had a day of procrastination on Saturday (I was meant to be cleaning, but making things for the table was FAR more appealing!!!)
I had some old eggs which I was going to throw out, but decided to empty them and use them for decorating!!!

I googled how to do this as I haven’t done it in years, but the general idea is, make a bigger hole in one end, turn it over, over a bowl, make a smaller hole in the top and then you need to stick something inside to break up the yolk…once you’ve done that you simply blow through the top hole until it’s empty. N.B. Wash the eggs 1st.

I added some washi tape and stamped each persons name using water based inks, they dried really fast as the eggs are porous.

I added them to everyone’s plates and added lovely white daffodils, I got for £1 from Tesco’s!!!
It was all lovely and lunch was DELISH!!!!
What did you do for Easter lunch?


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