Now I have a YELLOW sofa!!!

So, I very kindly got given this great sofa from one of the couples in the development I live in…it’s awesome, but, I thought it could be improved…maybe a little more ‘me’?!?


So…what to do…I was totally loving these sofas from Pintrest/Blogland,




A-Fabric is CRAZY expensive,
B-Do I really have time/space to upholster a sofa
C-Maybe dye could do a good enough job…inspired by this post
D-This sofa has removable, cotton covers….

So, I decided, Dye it was, much cheaper and I hadn’t cost me more than about £8!!!
I bought this dye through Amazon, I got 2 boxes cause I thought it might be too much fabric for 1 box to handle.


The instructions say that 2kg of fabric requires 4 boxes, and perhaps I should have had a 3rd box, but 4 really wouldn’t have been necessary!!!

Anyway, you basically chuck it all in the washing machine, with 500g of salt and WAIT!!! This was a terrifying moment!!! Once it’s gone through once you then put it through with detergent, take it out and then put the machine on again empty to ensure it’s clean!!!


But, it all came out GREAT!!! Really pleased with how it came out…


I did have to iron it, (my arms nearly dropped off doing it) but I think it was worth the £8, and 4 washes in the machine!!!! What do you think???


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